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2019 Photography Workshop May 4th to 10th

I am happy to announce my 1st, annual workshop in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

It will run from May 4th to 10th, and be based in Tofino, BC. Photo opportunities will include,but not limited to;

coastal mtn landscapes, seascapes, beaches, intertidal marine life, temperate rainforests, birds (200+ species,

including Bald Eagles, Osprey, Stellar's Jay), whale watching (Orca, Humpback, Gray), black bear watching,

Man made abstracts, natural abstracts, people photography (including local indigenous), night photography.

The dates have been selected to correspond with the largest Spring tides (giving us more time and things to

see in the intertidal zone), and the new moon ( to minimize bright mmon light for night photography).

We will also have a better chance of seeing the larger whales during their migration to Alaskan feeding

grounds, compared to a tour in July or August.


Additional Workshop Details

Thanks for your interest in my workshop!

The 'cost' of the workshop will be $500 per person.

In order to give attendees the attention they deserve, I am limiting the tour size to just eight (8) people. That also reduces the ‘human footprint’ on some delicate photo sites we will see during low tides.

Four people have already expressed interest in signing up.

That $500 includes your day passes to use the Park, and pays for 1 of 2 boat cruises planned for the week.

All costs wrt travelling from Toronto to Tofino, plus your (hotel) room and board, would be your responsibility.

When and if I receive a $200 deposit, I would then provide logistical details. $50 admin fee would be charged if you decide to cancel any time after Dec 31, 2018.

Logistical details will include travel time & route options, car rental options, and other photo ops you might check out on the drive to Tofino. I would also provide a list of suggested camera gear, clothing, including rain gear {personal and for camera}, and medications you might want if you tend to get sea sick on boats.

All attendees will be asked to sign a waiver, acknowledging any personal health issues, and the need to be in reasonably good health, in order to safely attend the Workshop. This is “Wild Natural British Columbia’’, after all. While many of the photo ops will be on flat terrain, some trails we will take down to beaches or into the rainforest have up to 150-200steps, each way.

The hotel has already been booked. You would simply refer to David Clow's PRNPR* Photo Workshop, to receive a discounted room rate.

All rooms have 2 queen beds.  Hotel has a restaurant on site. We will travel up to 100km, round trip,  each/every day, to get to the best photo spots I have picked out, after 30 years of visiting the area.