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Competition Judging - RA Photo Club

I will be one of three judges for an on topic subject of 'Motion' . Judging takes place at the RA Centre Thursday Jan 26th, with the results presented at the next subsequent RAPC meeting on Tuesday Jan 31st


First Annual Photography Workshop, Tofino, B.C. June 10-14, 2014

 I am happy to announce plans for my first Annual Photo Workshop.  It will be based in Tofino, BC, at the Ocean Village Beach Resort, situated on Mackenzie Beach, approximately 6km south of the town of Tofino, and 8km north of Pacific Rim National Park.

Dates TBD for 2015

Cost for the course iwill be $600 CDN. This includes tours to numerous different shooting venues over 4 days, a single whale watching cruise, and the necessary individual day passes while working in Pacific Rim National Park.

I am limiting the workshop to seven (7) people. This will give me time to circulate amongst all attendees during the course of any day's shoots, to offer suggestions, and provide immediate feedback on their 'in-camera' techniques.

With my background in marine biology, and zoology, as well as photography, I will be able to give attendees a much more 'complete package' of opportunities to learn some biology about the local landscape and wildlife - in the temperate rainforest, in the Pacific Ocean, and in the 'intertidal zone' ,which forms a large part of the area will will be working in. Attendees will gain a sincere appreciation for the ocean tides, and how they play an important role in both finding and photographing the local marine life.

I will also be providing a single didactic lecture on three separate evenings. Topics will vary depending on the level of experience amongst the group of attendees.

I will offer feedback on individual images - likely in a small group setting. Lectures and image critique will be given from a PC laptop with an HDMI link to a large screen HDTV.

Attendees will be responsible for arranging transportation to and from Tofino. On any given day, we maybe driving an up to 50km round trip from the Ocean Village for our photo venues. Suggested methods of travel to get to Tofino, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, will be provided in the new year, as the course date draws closer.

In the new year, I will also provide a list of suggested camera gear to bring along - for both dry sunny conditions as well as rainy conditions.

A list of recommended photo opportunities, both pre and post workshop, will also be provided for those wishing to spend more time learning about, and photographing, the unique natural beauty of the Canadian West Coast on both the BC mainland, as well as Vancouver Island.